Friday, 30 May 2008

give me 4

So sometimes it's just really nice getting those great forward emails back again and again. Today i was graced w/ a mc d's story called tells of a woman who goes to mc d's w here kids and her experience. not going to go into it, because my shorthand wouldn't give it justice, but lets just say it gives warm fuzzies. 
Also a couple of days ago my 80 year old grandma did 4 pushups. not only is that super cool, but the fact she was in the hospital like 2 weeks ago. so that's real cool.
lots of love and blessings

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

At ease and living life

So it was pretty great. Was reading my friends blog and saw that she said click "here" and it would forward to a site to check out some info. Besides the interesting topic, it was fantastic she could just have a link somehow from the written blog. Though my excitment of being able to post a pic with my blog as passed, the idea of having a link right by clicking on a name or words seems so fantastic. Will have to get the in on how to do that one.

So anyways, beyond that. Good days! Got a most cool b-day book( you know who you are). Had my mom come up to DEN and see me on a layover, and she came all the way with me to London, where we are hanging out for a few days. The emotions are constantly on edge, but other than working on eating a bit more than modertately.

Love and Blessings!!!