Friday, 19 September 2008

trade high

just have to post this

2 doesn't blogger ever remember me? i ask it to time and time again.

second...sold all my stock today. sold it high at least. had a credit card flash. am paying about 30% on credit card interest than making on investments. so all credit cards off(again). and then start investing in this fantastic mutual fund based on green investing. it's been around for 12 years and scottrade gives it 5 stars all over the place. the other funds get 2 and 3 stars in the catagories. and since have not been paying much attention to my stocks, will let them take care of that for me.

all in all its just some few hundred dollars here and there both in credit cards and in investments. in the long haul...this just makes most sense.

light love and blessings

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

up and running

So this totally seems like a good blog moment. Basically have been awake on and somewhat off since about 2:30am. it's now 6am. Layed in bed till 4am, read....back to bed at 5:15 and now back up rockin and rollin.

It's a bit chilly this morning, so was able to put on nice big fuzzy sweater to snuggle up with.

So it was great!!! Yesterday finally, after about a month or so, finally emailed a friend back in UT. and then this morning had an email from someone i had emailed about a month ago. It was a response to a question had. Well actually a friend back in florida had lent me this book, and unpublished version of a now published book. Since could not remember which friend had gifted it(temorarily gifted it) decided to get right in touch with the author. Listen to this....he lives in amsterdam! Why i find that detail so amazing am not sure, but...yeah. Well here is kind of the thing...this friend i think lent me the book in florida, me and my partner have been conspiring(not really, but it sounds more exciting) to hook him up with another friend in amsterdam. get the link. it's a stretch, but still valid at this time in the morning.

ohhh there are so many things.... normally if the mind is super active it has a time falling asleep, but last not was pretty easy. rarely does it wake up super active at 2 in the morning and not want to shut off. is 2-6 vata time? if so that could explain it.

Also can i just say luv luv luv just being here in london. really don't go out and do anything. yesterday left the house only to go for a run in the park. but the routine is so easy to be on. especially since have cut back the computer time to 2 times a time of 30 min. So have been going to bed before 10pm and waking up before 6am. and meditating twice a day, and reading and studying the books i love, and going for a run in the park. Drinking green tea, and chai, and making meals with balanced protein and veggies. Will head out to the market up the street to get some fruit today as well. have been doing this for a good 3 days nows and still may have 2 more before am sent to fly. Though... must say even on days of flying have worked out a routine to allow a good full program and rest and not have jet lag. The secret, shower or salt bath upon ariving to destination, and treating that timezone as the routine time zone. So instead of going to bed closer to 10pm, will get in bed around 7:30pm, and wake up about 5am. It's been working so i'll keep rollin with it.

so sending you all Light Love Peace and Blessings today!!!


Monday, 15 September 2008

a month update, or not

wow! it's almost been a month since last wrote. the realativity of time really flys.
Back to listening to youtube download songs. it's been a while. a little michael buble,lost. 
have this whole nice check list for internet work. 
just got home from US. took nap and walked to and from town. 
secretly want to find something so interesting that distracts. it's a long checklist. haven't been on computer for a while. at least not to do any emailing or researching. 
well that's exciting, nothing else to say.
many blessings.