Tuesday, 9 June 2009

cleaning house or email as it is

wow! wow! wow!
after a nap and a couple hours of email clearing and organizing, things seem more clear.
my hotmail email was able to get to empty, gmail to all organized, and yahoo deleted and organized through all emails.
Friend was saying something about organizing and after a second run in with my english bank acount, i decided having so many of everything, in so many places, coming from everywhere was just not a great idea. what do i mean??? and understand am still organizing and cutting back....3 credit union accounts 3 savings 2 checking, 2 bank accounts w/ 3 checking and 2 saving, 2 credit cards, 3 loans from 3 places....paychecks, auto debits, and such and well....i was bound to consolidate at somepoint.
solution??? working on it. i like them all for different reasons. ohh am getting a financial accountability consultant
thats all on the home front
blessings and peace out