Friday, 24 July 2009

so greatful for flower essenses today.
went off on sister earlier. she's been quiet and non mean for the rest of the day.
woke up in a silent bubble. am greatful for all the healing taking place in my life right now.
am looking forward to this new life transition.
moving on from united. furloughs go through sept 1st.
now to get working with youth and helping them out.
ohhh i have so much to learn. may i learn it with love and grace.
please be easy on my world. i'm soooo sensative these days.
am trying to work out these knots that have been created. they were like my stress mechanism.
and now they are unwinding, this world i've put myself in seems so much meaner.
ohhh that i might be a beam of light and love and not so overly sensative to take it on.
love love love
am looking at prices for moving out and moving on.
get in a healthier environment.
it's good for me to hear all these people make excuses about the pain in there life....
it makes me want to yell "empower yourself! stop playing a victim!" i can only do this now, because i have been them. i say have been, as in past tense, because i don't want to have it continue to be my present reality.
love love love
so i've found the ring i want to get.
no not a wedding ring. those kind of things don't even really run through my mind hardly ever.
anyways... it's really pretty and kind of a deal, because i've never really bought a nice ring before. it's not the diamond pinky ring(which will still get one day soon) it's a surprise and once i get it, i'll share it with the world.
haven't even been journaling all that much lately. i keep speaking the travel bug i had is gone, but everytime i'm "home" for a couple days i want to run and go back to my cave. only i really don't have a cave to run to. so instead i stay up late and wake up late as a way to escape. night time is a different place and world for me i guese.
been listening to beatles song, oh my love.
am in a warm fuzzy, i want a boyfriend to snuggle up to mode.
maybe when i stop listening to this song this feeling will pass.
it's a great song, just too short in my opinion.
smiles always
contemplating romantic love
such a sweet moment, but never sad once it's passed.