Sunday, 19 April 2009


it's time to blog again.
uhhhh....let go let go let go....
uhhhh....this and that this and that
uhhhh.... can you tell i'm in a mood?
aren't you glad you came?
i don't know if i'm coming going or standing still these days...
is it possible to go backwards?
or maybe just topple over.
this whole weight thing...this stupid relative weight thing.
my big pants got back to tight fitting, and got a whole in the knee. they are my only pants here that wear so went to buy an low priced new pair. bought one, without trying on...not a good idea, they were my average size. i just pray in england that means size smaller. actually wouldn't be bad if it was 1 size, but it was 2 sizes too small and the body still hasn't gone number 2 in days.
hee hee hee...number 2. i just called poo number 2.
i need to laugh and cry.
can i do both at the same time?
will these headaches ever just stop! full stop!
please just go away already!!!
i let go let go let go let go.....
peace love joy sweetness