Sunday, 3 May 2009

something to write about

so just realized something great about moving....all the random stuff from childhood that had forgotten about. the random stuff no one would think of keeping if you passed away. ohh i won't keep you in suspense any longer. so what was found; about 10 postcards of travels to sacramento taken at age 12. both 7th and 8th grade class pictures and my first or second team basketball pic from when my dad was coach. i was age 8 or 9. ohh also my kindergarden class picture. which randomly does have one girl in it who just invited me as a friend on facebook. she officially is the longest know person i've kept in touch with. good times! really this is great! it's been a bit of a time getting all this moving stuff together.
since have lost my phone also lost all friends birthday info, so am searching these facts out now.
other than that am a bit on the sleepy side and do work tomorow. yeah!!!
love and love and love