Wednesday, 30 April 2008

lovely day

Hey There! Hi there! Ho there!

Am in UK again, still, however you want to look at it.

Oh got a cell phone with a phone plan, so will not be paying $60 any more for a month of calls.

Also found out skype is free for everyone to just get a name so i can talk to them. And i upgraded so i call call the peeps in US! can i get a what what!!! oh and even more super they can call me on a US # and it will ring to my computers skype. Still have to get a headset to talk, but that too is coming. in fact....hummm....i'll have to try my cell phone speaker thing.

am headed to germany in may. Meeting up with some friends which should be cool.

But the most exciting thing........yesterday i got a piece of mail from my pen pal. she's the brilliant, wonderful, beautiful young lady i used to nanny back in the day. the heart just expanded and melted with joy at the same time.

Beautiful days to all!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

So this is a journal moment if you ever want to know.....

So basically just got another " get your dukkha(shit)" together talk.

Maybe this one was differently put accross, but it felt okay to be told it again.

Because ya know what!? I want to get it together. I don't want to pay 40 or 50 or any money unessisarily. i value my money and my time. and if that means knowing and being conscious of the details always. then so be it.

Things always do work out, but if the dukkha keeeps coming, maybe you need to be the one to work it out. or at least work with universe to get em worked out.

And yes, you kind of are in a few differnt worlds all the time right now, so be in the world you are in at each moment, and......the others..... this is where it has gotten tricky for me. am in lets say 3 places constantly. UK, US, and somewhere in the ethers. the ethers is my favorite, but not much place or need for anything but what it is. now the UK there's a new account and new currency and new pay and new language and new times for business' closing and new phone and new options. Kind of like an infant, needs a lot of support and nurturing. Lets say it's almost a toddler, not talking much yet, but running and getting into everything. It needs a bit of learning, maybe the building of a foundation. and the US there's still US bills and loans and student loans, and am sure there is other US things where am still in teenager years. so lets move from US teen to UK adult? NO! tried that. didn't work for me.

It's funny when the thought came today that i really may need to get a 2nd job in UK. It was okay. and ideas of where to work started running through my head. Because if i'm going to stay here past June a suplemental income is going to have to happen. And i can still travel once a month for a 3 day short trip to paris or amsterdam or something. The fact that i can even say things like that is so amazing.

Oh and when get a 2nd job it can pay for a gym membership, because that's how i like to get exercise and can be regular come rain or shine. and getting upset about how tight the pants are getting....don't get upset, get a job and pay for a gym membership. eating less....really don't eat that much. rice and beans and tea.

really am working on getting a business going here, but there again one of those detail things. right now don't even have a good way to call US that won't cost $2 a min. am looking into skype options. So lets not just start looking into them, lets make these things happen. Lets stop having $80 spending days and wasting time.

This is your life. Put a value to it!
This must be added too, though. One of the greatest reasons i think this whole pep talk worked is because of all the nurturing and support from listening and comforting friends. Not trying to give advise or say do this or that, because mostly...don't ever really like like. And a real special thanks to my mom, your words have been more of a comfort these last weeks then anything else.

rain and sun

Ohhh the adventures continue.

There is always a calm after the storm, though.

And only 85 pounds and 5 hours 2 tube rides and 2 train rides later realized had the address mixed up and could have been there in 40 min walk or 15 min bus ride for less than 2 pounds. But the up side did find a place with a phone battery that fit. we just don't need to give much mind that city center here in hounslow probalby had one too. It was a beautiful train ride, the 3 minutes the body was awake.

But the real amazing thing was. The sun came out. Literally. and the emotions did too. There came a moment of acceptance. It's easy to accept something when you finally see home, and it's no longer raining and windy.

So here to clearing up weather and being grateful even during the storm.

Blessings and love and balanced emotions,


Sunday, 20 April 2008

Happy Full Moon!
Didn't have to work today. Yeah!! Thank You!
Lovely day with new friend Suzy, such a doll.
She lives out in the country, well sort of. She lives outside of London. When we stepped out of her car the smell of camping filled the air. Crisp air with a tint of campfire. So Nice.
Sending all friends and family full moon blessings. Hope your emotions were more balanced than mine were. But, of course, after a good meditation, the world looked quite rosey.
Blessings and Love.
Sammy Jo

Saturday, 19 April 2008


Have been going back to some old music memories.

A little Dispatch. A bit of Ben Folds.'s quite enjoyable.

Music does seem to effect the mood. Being lazy is okay if just listening to music. Like it's an action like doing the dishes or cooking. and well it is, just more of a passive action, like meditating. then again cooking and doing dishes, and listening to music can all be kind of meditative. or something like that.

Oh! Made cookies today! right from scratch. opened the box, turned on the oven, and added the water. Yes, quite the baker.

yeah....lets boogy!

Blessings and Love!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

not much more than love, but what else could you want

So am just back from turkey, and you'de think i'de have more to write about. Ohh the stories that could tell, but that would be all they are, stories, drama, emotional stuff. and that is just not of interest to share at the moment. Love life. Love love love.

Monday, 7 April 2008

learning, learning. growing and changing.

ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! so really need to start speaking that i can can can copy and paste html/url things and they will work. it can be done and i can do it! so yeah...just spent waaaaaaay too much time trying to get some avatar thing as my picture. not again! cut and paste pics on computer sooo much more simple. love computers! am learning to use computers so easily and quickly! so be it!
okay enough of that.
am headed to turkey tomorow. yes! it shall be done.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Real Nice

Oh Yes! Had a lovely trip to D.C. Saw some beautiful blossoming cherry blossom trees.

Came home to some of the lovliest snow have ever seen, and this is coming from a lady who mostly just never prefers snow.

May be headed to Turkey, may head back to US.

Am definitely going to head to bed soon.

Oh!! Died my hair brownish red! Real Hot!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Lets Eat!

Why is it homeade chinese food never taste the same a restaurant or take out? and in my humble opinion, doesn't quite taste as good.

Then again for the most part, have always enjoyed non homeade food. Yes love mom and sisters cooking, and dads omelets. But not so much my own. Yes it all gets eaten, but...well i guese cookies are a different tale.

Love to bake. and to eat what have baked. cookies, breads, brownies.....there been a lot of dried fruit, nuts, and oatmeal recently can you tell. But the food on the airplane is amazing. and the scones from london to america, with a bit of jelly, yum.

Well....think will be assigned a trip tomorow back to america.

we'll write about the teas later.

LOL and abundance always

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Focus and Be Happy

So had a wonderful last hour basically wasting time looking at the computer at nothing in particular. Am very excited for this new place, but do feel the need to be a bit more one pointed and not so monkey brained.
Hanuman is not monkey brained, he is totally devoted and one pointed toward Lord Rama

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Hello Lovely World!

So now all to do is figure out how to do things with this blog.

Maybe learn to post a pic or two.

Sending Lots of Love and Blessings to all My friends, family, and those to be around the world!