Thursday, 21 August 2008


two words jason mraz

yeah..that's right

but really the other thing going through this mind.

so often have this thought, am i really supposed to find a man, get married(or something), and have babes. or...isn't there some other way to be of great service for the world. but then when the reality check's like, what is personality attracted to? what does it keep going back to? and it's this great boy meets girl love creation. and it's amazing! and almost could be a bit of spiritual pride to think that direction and purpose in life would be any way less amazing than be some mother theresa. this is not to say the thought was to be a mother theresa, it's just saying everything has it's place, time, and purpose, and they are all right and true for them where they are. and it's all so divine and magical. and bless em all.

the only other thing was the idea of destiny vs. free will... and it's not one or the other and to get into it gets to into the relativity of duality in life. or something like that. but the point is... it is what it is.

God bless reason. Thy Will Be Done. It's all Divine Will ohh that I may consciously follow that always. Yes Lord. Thank you Lord!

earth love

just real quick am loving living in this world right now! Life on earth right now is amazing! Bless that always!! thank you thank you thank you!!

in love with divine mother

So wow! life is amazing!

Did a healing yesterday, and was sent thank you email back today. He said said something about my eyes, said they are amazing and how they have a kind of sparkle. This is not to note that, rather last nights dream, some guy was all about me and i just couldn't stop thinking how all i wanted to do was look at his clear water blue eyes. Ahhh...eyes!! those amazing soul portals. And yes one of my favorite things to do is look at my eyes and just say, "I love you Sam. Bless you." Maybe the eyes reflect that.

Thank you thank you dearest friend for the b-day cd! Can finally download some Dar and Indigo Girls and others to my ipod. Have spent hours upon hours of downloading songs on youtube and now...this is so much better. great songs to go.

also one of my favorite things to do is look up phrases google images and see what comes up. Today came up to search, in love with divine mother. this is a pic that came up. it's a bit inspired by friend who told about skin to skin connection. enjoy and bless you all!!

Divine Light Love and Blessings!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

luva a bloga

So funny!! Two things. Have been downloading some of roomates music onto itunes. mostly all dance/workout music. plus the throw in of a boy band and sheryl crow. Second thing...was just enjoying looking at all the folders have in my original email account. It's almost like looking back over what have been up to over the last 14 or so years. It's my original account and have been able to maintain it, without getting overloaded with junk mail. Did just sign up for and now think that one is short lived. Am thinking people join, just to see someone they've met once or twice, say "i know that person" let them be my new facebook friend. really am not into those things, but do enjoy touching base with long lost acquantances, but 10 new friend invites in one night?! it's a bit much for this chicka, and a bit of a waste of time.

Love this blog, on the other hand, and all these "friends" can check it out, if they really do care to touch base.

Sure there are a handful of people i think it would be fun to touch base with, but not the whole town of fairfield, and not all the pranic healers in america. it's a bit much! So to just stop it now, won't even mind not touching base with others so much. Wow didn't know it had gotten so emotional for me.

Just to emails and actually talking with friends on the phone. Love having a nice intimate group of close friends who are more than just a name and a face on some website.

light love blessings peace and joy!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

and what about your visa!?

this needs to be posted without emotion. just stateing the fact.

will not be going to india today or tomorrow.

did not realize how the process to get indian visa would work.

since am a us citizen in uk, would have to pay uk prices to get the visa here, also they say it takes up to a week. being a flight attendant and all, and actually needing use of my passport once a week makes it a bit more tricky.

you might think, didn't you know this.

obviously no. the only 2 other visas have ever gotten did not work like this. uk visa, one day in la for about 3 hours. turkey, you buy it there( which is actually how was thinking india would work) $20 cash and boom here's your visa, not 85 pounds and a scheduled apointment.

but it funny, maybe because the body is a bit tired, but really the emotions are not all upset. it's a strange feeling. not upset, not happy, just like, it is what it is.

and the only thing about it is the story of going to india will not be told this time, and all my friends think am going to india. that doesn't matter, though.

will have to see about getting indian visa one day while on a DC layover.

light love blessings peace and joy!

this will only be said once, because have been working on this visa thing all morning...

it's almost a relief to not be going right now. which mentally doesn't make sence to me. but maybe there was that inner knowing the whole time, and was just allowing the play of things to go about.

wow so thought was just going to write a quick jont, but really really...maaaaybeee could have somehow, someway gotten the passport today. maybe if the universe was all aligned and supporting.

but 84 pounds was not in the budget. the whole trip was really tapping into my abundance bank, and we're talking great deals on flights, room, and food! All in due course time. now we shall get the passport and be all ready come india in dec.

the end

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

land and home record

land to home in one hour!! fantastic! that has to be some sort of record. from wait for a crew walk to tube walk home(and topped up my oyster card)...all in 1 hr.

what else....

there was something else, but loging on to the blog page was distracted by babys. and we'll just leave it at that.

oh!! do remember what was going to say! got home, had no idea what time it was, so may have been talking to myself. or what i like to call processing my thoughts outloud. and turns out my roomate is still home. oh!!! something else funny. wasn't sure what time it is, right? so have already stripped down out of the uniform and start to head downstairs, when the thought comes, danny may still be home, so quickly just threw on a half wrap. and since danny is home, it's a good thing i didn't just start walking around the house naked as usual.

that's all for now.

love and blessings!!