Saturday, 14 June 2008

they say it's your birthday(not yet!)

So posting a second thing.

Decided not to sleep, but did take a bath and meditate and watch a cute teeny bopper movie.

Drinkin up a little airborn, emergen-c, meletonin contraption. quite tastey...grapefruit, acai flava

Last load of clothes in dryer and will be in bed within the next 20min.

So many rambled thoughts keep running through this mind as it gets later and later.

Is it worth it? Will let you when get some good restful, but not too long sleep( slept for 17hr the other day! I Know!)

Blessings Abundance and Great Rest to ALL!


International Flyin Fun......

Hi All! Body so tired. ohhh me goodness.

hmmmm....just checkin emails listening to utube music.

So we just keep typin.

will take a shower or bath sometime soon here.

then nap, then meditate.

then probably check emails again.

just checked friends blog. was trying to call home number but then checked the blog and it came back...she's up in yosemite. sorry friend.

Love light and blessing in life.

Mr Bogengles playin.

lossin 10% body weight and holding off for one month to win $100. am so going to win. SO BE IT!

later gaters

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

paris then india

Am so grateful for friends. So should be getting a trip back to US in the next couple days....United will let me know. The family is headed on a month long road trip over to Washington state and then back through a couple National Parks; Glacier, Yellowstone.

Have the opportunity to meet up with them on my days off, but we'll see. Probably won't do that. Talked to my partner last night, and am just so greatful for lifes learning experiences. It's easy to create great thoughts and oppinions of people when you can be away from them and reflect on all their "good" qualities. It's when you actually are with them to talk to them in the now that things "issues" seem to come up. Let's just say am grateful we are all mirrors and teachers from one another. Am still planning the trip to Paris with him this month, so that will be fine. and my soul just keeps on about india, so am thinking it's time to go. so now the focus really is getting the money to stay there for a month and a half. and to get enough saved withing the next month and a half. and still take a trip to paris. Paris then India. and then.....

Monday, 2 June 2008

what if you were on a deserted island, what would you say?

To all those who dare read this:

This may not make sence. It has not been reread through, or rewritten. Some statements are vague and not clear or sensible even to the writter. Please be gracious and open to what has been written. No confusion was went to incure during the writting of this lenthy blog. Some may not be able to finish it in one read. The thought did come to divide it up onto a few seperate blogs, but since it really was just one long free write. It flows as the mind flows, and jumps around as the mind jumps around. The writter is learning, growing and changing for the better every day.

Its kind of funny was just going to email this to a friend and decided it would just make a much better blog. Then as i move over to blog the thought of what was going to write about it dissapeared. But now it's back...

So it's kind of funny, have all sorts of organizing thoughts running through my head. Just got back from Pranic Healing(PH) teacher training. Am in only a learning place to be going and teaching right now, but this was the first step to get rolling. It really is quite exciting.

So something maybe didn't mention about last blog was after grandma was in the hospital, i got a bit encouraged and frusterated with myself a bit. The thought came, had i worked PH on her early she may not have ended up in the hospital. But rather than dwelling on spilt milk decided it was an oportunity to work on her now. so talked to her and asked her if she would be open to me doing some work on her. so for the next 3 days, did the appropriate protocol and she was not only feeling better, more energy and out of the hospital, but her blood pressure nomalized. So this only said with the understanding that i'm just and instrument for the whole thing, energy is energy. Then something else happened....last night retouched base w/ someone hadn't talked to in ohhh 6 months only to have her say that the healing done was really incredible and she could really feel the difference. It was kind of like, really? i had no idea. Then all i could think was just how grateful i am that people are so receptive to being healed.

Saying being healed is stated very generally. I could have just as easily said people are receptive to feeling better, getting better, being more balanced. Where am i going with this? Does it really need to go anywhere? Nowhere. and No. All am saying it was like, "Yeah! The world is being healed. on so so many levels and in so so many ways.

So we had a group blessing of the earth this weekend and some of the people saw this light rooting and grounding and spreading all around. and another saw light and angels going down and spreading all this light. They described it as the anchoring the energy. Then the thought came about the Golden Domes there in Fairfield and just how much energy has just been rooted and anchored there through all these years. Wow! to say the least.

Mich waxed my lip hairs, which in all honesty really don't bother me. But felt like should give it another try and not judge it on last experience. Well basically my whole upper lip area broke out with tons of little white head pimples. Did put tea tree on right after the treatment to stop the iching and Mich says that's probalby why it broke out. personally just don't think there's a need to ever wax the uper lip hairs again.

Oh my goodness, i have so much to work on. My spiritual pride has been in overdrive it feels like. and thank you universe for humbling me over and over and over. What brings this up... well this weekend there was a boy who grew up in a very christain home, didn't really meditate, practiced martial arts for years, loves Jesus, and just wants to heal. Then there's me, simple sam, meditated since 7 then everyday basically since 14, always into more and more spiritual study and healthy living. and lets just put it this way, because have been doing all this work and feel like there's some great great purpose for me in this life, the thought that my energy bodys would be quite advanced seems logical. so basically him and i have very close energy body sizes. which might not make sense sense. but there again i'm a vegetarian my whole life, am pretty sure he eats meat his whole life, i've been really into purifying the system. This is not to say he hasn't, but in my ignorance and assumption it was thought my aura( energy body, whatever you want to call it) would be "shinnier". well you know what they say about assuming things??? That's a big one for me to work on. Well two things....assuming and spiritual pride.

So have a bet with one of my friends about who can loose 10% of our body fat first. Well because for me it's more of a shape up and tone up issue, am trying to change to way we measure by inches other than pounds. Send me good thoughts on this one....100 bucks is on the table.

Also just got a great email from someone met in Thailand. He send over some pics for us. We met him at our Thai cooking class. so he had pics of that. But he also had pics from when he ran in a AIDS Marathon in Florence, IT. Then the thought came just how amazing it would be to train and run in a marathon like that; in europe somewhere. The thought to run and train for a marithon has come up many times in my mind, but with the whole bet with Ashley and seeing his beautiful pics and hearing his amazing tale, it just seems like maybe right now is the right time.

So the next thing running through this mind.... Am planning on going to India the middle of Aug through the month of Sept. So basically a month and a half. When was over in Germany, met up with a couple people who have started about 5 orphanigas over there. Teach the kids specific skills to work: nursing, carpentry, computers. As well as other programs. So was invited up to see them, as well as this amazing Ashram on this crystal mountain( there are literally crystals all up in the mountains). So anyone is invited to come see and meet up and am also taking suggestions on where to go visit. know when MUM goes there they go visit all sorts of amazing places and would love to go to some of them. Also to get PK done and go see a Maharishi Auyurvedic Physician over there. Plus just kind of figure it may give me some more ideas on what do to next.

Am still planning on getting the Natural Awakening(NA) magazine started here in the UK. But because of the India trip, realized maybe not quite as quickly as had originally thought. That's good though. After talking with my business and investor friend Stewart in FL it's more clear what all needs to be on my business plan that is pressented to investors. So this will give time to get that all done real nice.

It's funny though, still don't know if am going to stay in London, UK, Europe. Know the idea is nice, but am looking quite logically too. Really...well i guese there is the hope will find some great european man to fall in love with and have him fall in love with me and just be able to stay. but with my track records and standards( which am totally good with keeping)...we'll just see. But we can't just wait and see forever. Though it is funny, the other day i met this man and the thought just popped into my head as we were shaking hands," this is my future husband." anyone who knows me, knows that just doesn't pop into this head. ever. well now can't say never ever. I tried to be in touch with him, but no responce yet. though i do realize, i did not check for a ring, and that is an important detail.

Also want to set up a website for really unifying ph here in the uk. get everyone on the same page and in some form working together. Kind of like the Maharishi Effect with Yogic Flyers, Master Choa( the founder of modern day pranic healing) has a goal of one ph per family. Well the only way i can see any of this working out, is if we all start working together and doing the work together. It's like person meditating is great, 100,000 people meditating is greater, and 100,000 people meditating together is the greatest, fastest, and most effective. We have the tools people. How great a teacher to bring this into our world and let us practice it!

So am a little excited about this topic. The other day with my parents we watched the Maharishi speacial that was on History channel. It was so cool. It went through his life and what he was able to envision and create in this life. Incredible. and now we have the ability to apply this knowledge! How super amazing is that!

And how many other great teachers are there spreading the Light, and Love, and Power. Each Soul magnetized and attracted to whatever is best for them. Because we all really are doing the best we can with where we are at! And we don't know what we don't know! and i need to stop judging and saying this is better or this is this and that is that. It is what it is! and i just get to be this ever learning Soul! Thank you thank you thank you! To all My Great Great Teachers! Jai Guru Dev! Atma Namaste! However it is said. Give thanks. Be Humble always. and remember life begets life.

(as she steps off a small soap box, in the middle of a deserted island, only to ask that she may have greater and greater clarity of it all. Right Now! So Be It!)