Saturday, 26 July 2008

ahh learning and letting go!!!

So can feel the universe shifting in regards to this flight attendant job.

So amazing day!! Basic Pranic Healing review! Was able to be the volunteer for the general sweeping( cleaning of the aura and health rays). When he got to the basic it felt light a big know was just comb out!! So so so so so so grateful!

So much cleanness!!!

Also have a trip to DC tomorow so should be able to call and get ahold of a couple friends.

the relationship with ashley seems to be fading away ever so easily. we don't talk about travel and trips and haven't any plans. So he sends this email saying email him to let him know when i will be calling on skype. and the thought comes....why call you? what would we talk about?.... this is not meant to sound rude or cold, it is what it is. a natural progression of evolution and change. thank you thank you

This chickas plans are india next month, italy in oct, and back to india in dec

so will be getting a secondary income come sept.

life does support me, as long as i let it.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

munch much

hello hello!!!

so have saturday off and am in UK

this is a first. and have no plans...ohhh!! just remembered a friend is teaching a PH course and said i could help. oh yeah!

prob will go to bed soon.

so funny...the body gets so hungry and munchy after a really powerful meditation.

it feels more like a full moon then the full moon night did.

oh so am munching on popcorn. sort of healthyish. it's not butter pop or kettle. just light salt.

making india plans. not over thinkin it.

munch munch munch

but have been workingout regularly

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Flower Power

Soooo Humm!!!!!

haven't really had to think or "worry" about finances in a while.

then today realized this course want to take over here is, well, in pounds and for the past 3 months have been getting over the credit limit fees on my cc, which has such a low balance anyway, but too high to pay off. the fees are 39 each month, times three, minus my 20 dollar monthly payment and we're looking at a forth month of this. and the silly thing is. didn't even notice it, because they didn't charge me what i was over, still just charged the minimum. ohhh silly sam for not just waiting to buy whatever you bought or just wait to go on that trip, whatever trip it was, whenever it was. because....well....

here's the cool part. flowers essenses came today. well actually days ago, but today was able to pick them up. it was amazing just the walk home kept thanking them and tuning into them and the bodys energy levels went up! got home and the physical body still looked stoned, from lack of regular sleep. took a flower ess bath, and flower water, and can you say Flower Power!!!! So grateful, have actually been productive today. Even went for a run and did laundry.

ohh...and the emotional body totally did not freak out when realized the whole financial situation. and thanks to the way the flower company works, was paying "cash" anyway.

Amazing!!! Oh, and did wait till after had birthday money to actually get the essences.

Light love blessings peace and joy!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

gratitude expectation giving- manifest attract receive

Gratitude-Expectation( not assumption)-Giving

Not assumption, because we all know what happens when one assumes...

Am just playing with the idea of connecting them all. Was listening to The Secret CD and they were saying in order to manifect, attract, get something you need to be gratiful for what you have right now, and what is coming, expect what you want to come, and in my thought... in giving we receive, since they are talking about what to do in order to manifect and get, this must be correlated with the giving end.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

smiles for a chick flick

Just made up for any happy loveyness confusion from the music earlier. Just watched The Holiday. So many smiles.

funny little thing called love

So just realized my "love song" list on You Tube is all these not really happy love songs.

The name had to change. Now it's "reflective songs".

Just to give an idea of these songs:

Keith Urban-Making Memories of Us

Rascal Flatts-Words I Couldn't Say

Willie Nelson- Always on My Mind( ok for love)

Beauty of the Rain( can't remember her name, but her voice is lovely)

Michael Buble-Home, Lost(the main theme is lovely), Everything(OK this is a lovey love song)

back to giving and receiving

For it is in giving that we receive works in every aspect of life! this might be like a duhhh moment, but really it hit me right on the head just now.

Was just reading this article by some pychologist( i thought i would just be taking some friendship test). But she starts by talking about a balanced relationship she has and then the Greek mythology story of Narcissist-Echo. Narcissist who lu lu lu love himself and Echo who repeated everything Narcissist said about himself. Ohh! In the end Narcissist became so obsessed with himself, when "crazy" and put a dagger in his heart. Echo was left haunting some canyons randomly repeating what passerbys had to say. So the storys over and she is relateing this to friendships, when what seemed like out of the blue she says,"I'm haunted by the fact that I never had this conversation with a college buddy who years later committed suicide. Maybe I could have helped by insisting she learn to receive as well as give. " She was referring to an Echo... which is almost neither here nore there, in whichever case... do i think such a sitution is just that simple...not likely, but what really woke me up was..." For it is in Giving that we Receive".

All relationships; money, friendships, partners, clerks at the groccer... are that. A give and receive. Money...always know to tithe...give first, then receive. And it works everytime! Friendships, partners...i guese that's what has gone on, but never really thought to consciously give in the way they know to receive. Only recently have i started to be conscious of receiving in certain areas and from certain relationships. And today it really hits home, a lot of those relationships probably are just learning that too.

Money and elements are basically more simple, they are more naturally in flow with the lawas of nature( this is a belief. and i like it) While humans(not to say they are not made up of elements) don't act as simply. They have thoughts and can make consious decisions. And give and receive in different ways( referring to personality types as well as love languages).

Now here i am just learning receive in all sorts of great aspects of my life, but really need to still constantly, consciously remember to give. And as i give, i will more and more be able to receive and learn about receiving for myself and others.

Something like that.



Joy and Peace!

So be it!