Tuesday, 3 June 2008

paris then india

Am so grateful for friends. So should be getting a trip back to US in the next couple days....United will let me know. The family is headed on a month long road trip over to Washington state and then back through a couple National Parks; Glacier, Yellowstone.

Have the opportunity to meet up with them on my days off, but we'll see. Probably won't do that. Talked to my partner last night, and am just so greatful for lifes learning experiences. It's easy to create great thoughts and oppinions of people when you can be away from them and reflect on all their "good" qualities. It's when you actually are with them to talk to them in the now that things "issues" seem to come up. Let's just say am grateful we are all mirrors and teachers from one another. Am still planning the trip to Paris with him this month, so that will be fine. and my soul just keeps on about india, so am thinking it's time to go. so now the focus really is getting the money to stay there for a month and a half. and to get enough saved withing the next month and a half. and still take a trip to paris. Paris then India. and then.....

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