Friday, 12 March 2010

india 2 weeks and going

Someone posted a comment on my facebook yesterday. They made mention of me being a seasoned traveler, or something like that. But today i don't feel like that. I feel like i was just hit with a ton of reality check. Like...'you think you knew what was up, this this is really what is going on.' of those.

all is not strange and confusing. actually there have been so many beautiful souls come into our lives on this starting journey. it's been 2 weeks of travel and already am just regrouping. was good at first, but now am finding the whole aproach 'seasoned' but not 'ripe' more like so seasoned your now sour and bitter and should just plant a new crop.

someone made the comment that i was in travel mode, not meditation mode and that i could do well in meditation mode. and i was like...'i meditate! everyday! so get off my ego!" so yeah... meditation mode would be super nice. let the travel be a meditation not a destination to destination.

light love blessings and peace from pune, india

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