Saturday, 18 October 2008

back from india

Ahhh....just got back last night. and it was so funny waking up this morning. first of all woke up to a really interesting dinosaur dream. there were planes and hills and people. but when we went back in time...the soil was soooo rich with nutrients. they took on so many incredible colors and all the soil was so moist and fresh. i just kept playing and hugging it. it felt so alive!

so didn't really care to get on "routine" this morning. meditated once, sometimes twice a day on this trip, but no routine. but it wasn't wanted or needed there. not so much that it is "needed" here. it's just...well is what it is.

was going to say don't know where to start, but have already started. first thing wanted to do this morning was read my friends blog. had forgotten all addresses except for india contact address. so no postcards were sent and computer contact was at a minimum. learned a lot of how am going to roll next time am in india. upon reading friends blog, just incase she reads this...suzy orman(that's not her last name), but suzy the financial planning lady. her website has all sorts of specific information on what to look at to ensure your bank is secure and your investments in things like money market accounts are secure. also on that note, had only heard from here-say about the market falling hard two times in one week. funny they are still saying gold would be a good investment, well actually i heard this about 3 months ago and just lightly mentioned 2 weeks ago. the US news was able to read in paper was a bit about the election and the more directly india related airline and tourism struggle. they didn't seem too concerned that our economy was falling and how it was to connect with them. well...actually that is not completely fair to state. there was a man on the train was quite aware of the connection between US economy and India economy. though communication at times was a struggle, the conversation was interesting.

now...yeah! went to india! started out south in kerala and ended in haridwar. there were stops inbetween that were absolutely amazing, but am going to have to look at my notes to remember where they all were. upon reflection in the airport, decided next trip in india will put more attention on pressence and being right in the moment, and also to love all like the Divine they are.

did meet up with friend for the journey. she has been down there for a month and a half already. so it was great for me being able to follow her experienced lead, but after a couple days she was like "hey! give me some input! i don't want to be making all the decisions!" and that was the start of the amazing growth in not only our relationship, but the relationship i have with other people and things. realized i was "jen" in the "ashley sam travel relationship", and was reintroduced to nvc(non violent communication) i say reintroduced because my other friend right before left had talked about it. and now...all the more not only want to read the book, but take a course on it. was pretty excited hearing about it from friend in cali, and then solidified when was in the moment needing to express and communicate.

so now am back and making plans for life. but that's not new. getting the india perspective was amazing and still being assimilated.

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