Sunday, 19 October 2008

jyotish reading and nvc

had a jyotish reading while in india. it was quite fun actually. he was quite, what i would call, traditional in his thinking. he told me to drink my water and milk out of a pure silver cup and throw an empty pot with a lid into a river, he also gave recomendations for pujas for the different planets. and though it may be thought, he tells that to everyone, it's not so true. the lady ahead of me was told to feed the monkeys and my traveling friend was told to feed the cows and elephants.

now where am i going with this? no where in particular, it was just on the mind. love love love

am to be headed to work in about 2 hours and have taken a shower, but haven't even started to pack or get ready to meditate. it's been about 2 or 3 days now since got home and started to feel more "normalized", or something. i remember back in college when the students came back from india, some of them made comments that they only wanted to hang out with people who had been on the trip and they were having to adjust to being back. and though i think there may have been a bit of that for me when coming back from new zealand, the feeling is so much stronger now. and the difference is, there is no one to talk to who i went with.

but ode to non violent communication! am so excited about learning in this new way!

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