Tuesday, 4 November 2008

go obama, though it hasn't nothing to do with what i just wrote.

Ohhh!!! just found this pic and was totally there. it's in illinois, about 4hr or so drive from fairfield, ia.

So just kind of realized, don't really ever mention other men to my guy friends. and more so, never have. it's always been one of those things. in fact my girlfriends are lucky to here anything of interest about men interests in my life. that way i keep all men at a neutral. yeah right. what was that even supposed to mean.

am still planning on learning french. too bad my italian france man doesn't seem to be working out and my french london man still has a girlfriend.

ohh but just got done talking and emailing two of my favorite guy friends and now realize...realize absolutley nothing.

am headed to dc tomorow. won't it be ironic if my absontee balot finaly arived today. ironic may not be the choice word, but am sticking with it.

email the one friend about india, more stuff came together, and just how amazing the short trip to italy was. ohhh italy....dear beautiful italy! did find out, though, that most restaurants and food places put lard or some pig byproduct in all your food, and your lucky if you find a place that doesn't. i'm talking the pizza dough, breads, but not so much the pasta.

so that's sam's quick note.

sending lots and lots of love and blessings to the universe. Go Obama!!!

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Nandi said...

Hey sexy!

Hope all is well. It sounds like it for the most part. If you ever want to hang out when you come to DC let me know. Elisa Fritsch and I still live in the area. (BWI, Dulles, and Regan National are all about equidistant for me, but BWI is closer to where Elisa lives (and where both of us work).