Wednesday, 12 November 2008

joyce meyers rocks

oh!!!!!!!so was watching a little joyce meyer on the tele earlier today, and that lady rocks!

anyways... she said something that totally hit home for me. she was talking about prayin' and stuff like that and said something along the lines of, "some people have "no life in it, because they made it a law"". so what does that mean to this chicka.... i meditate meditate meditate meditate everyday.not expecting any experience or anything, but still sometimes do it just for the "law" or routine of it. not taking a moment before starting to really be present and recognize what am doing. and yes...of course on the subtle levels all sorts of "life", amazing jazz, is probably happening. but the thought came that i'm probably doing it because it's "the law". this made up, created thing that just isn't the point. it's the tool used. the "life" IS. It Is This,That,Everything. i just use the tool because it great.

she also went onto the difference between receiving and getting and how we get the two confused. then she went to the definition of both, which found interesting.

receive: transitive verb1: to come into possession of 2 a: to act as a receptacle or container for b: to assimilate through the mind or senses3 a: to permit to enter : admit b: welcome , greet c: to react to in a specified manner4: to accept as authoritative, true, or accurate : believe5 a: to support the weight or pressure of : bear b: to take (a mark or impression) from the weight of something c: acquire , experience d: to suffer the hurt or injury

get:which can be used as a verb or a noun. transitive verb1 a: to gain possession of b: to receive as a return : earn2 a: to obtain by concession or entreaty b: to become affected by : catch 3 a: to seek out and obtain b: to obtain and bring where wanted or needed 4: beget5 a: to cause to come or go b: to cause to move c: to cause to be in a certain position or condition d: to make ready : prepare 6 a: to be subjected to b: to receive by way of punishment c: to suffer a specified injury to 7 a: to achieve as a result of military activity b: to obtain or receive by way of benefit or advantage 8 a: seize b: overcome c: to have an emotional effect d: irritate e: puzzle f: to take vengeance on ; specifically : kill g: hit9: to prevail on : cause 10 a: have —used in the present perfect tense form with present meaning b: to have as an obligation or necessity —used in the present perfect tense form with present meaning 11 a: to find out by calculation b: memorize c: hear d: understand12: to establish communication with13: to put out in baseball14: deliver 6b

so obviously there's a lot of defining things to these words, which again are just words, which am not going to get into right now. and honestly sometimes people who study the bible put too much emphasis on words which in their original translation or definition may have been different. but it caught my attention and thought to investigate more. now what did joyce have to say about it? don't know the program ended, but these talks these days are about relationships; with God, Partner, self, and world.

light love and blessings

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