Monday, 16 March 2009

smiles and light

ode to our amazing world!

am looking forward to national geographic earth day movie speacial.

watching a 10 things you need to know about us(british) because it makes us who we are today. it's a history channel show. it was interesting, and does seem pretty right on to the foundation of the way the brits live today. one thing they didn't mention, which i would think is an obvious foundation, and that is gold. maybe that wouldn't be very british and proper to metion such things, though.

really tried to cry this morning, no tears came, but the emotions were up.

transfer went through. may 1st transfer day.

US phone battery dead and charger left at parents home, and wont be back there for a couple weeks.

lourdes is on for the end of the week.

la la la la la

just needed to write a little. and may go into central town today. haven't meditated to am off for now.

smiles and light

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