Wednesday, 4 March 2009

welcoming abundance

so haven't written in a while. am back from holiday. an amazing holiday.

have been realizing all the "stinkin thinkin" i've been expressing. and have decided to focus on recongizing and adjusting alot of self talk.

i'm big on being the creator of my own health and reality, and there have been some areas in my life, where negative or contradictatory(may have just made that up) thoughts have been coming up. especially in the way of finances and health energy. so am headed out to clean up some of these programs and unwanted beliefs.

am home in london now. and transfer for LAS becomes effective may 1.

and just a quick testimonial. was have a couple emotional outburst about my budget this weekend. tithed over the usual and the abundant material and financial blessings have already begun to flow in. with so much gratitude my heart can hardly expess.

blessings and light and love

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