Thursday, 24 April 2008

rain and sun

Ohhh the adventures continue.

There is always a calm after the storm, though.

And only 85 pounds and 5 hours 2 tube rides and 2 train rides later realized had the address mixed up and could have been there in 40 min walk or 15 min bus ride for less than 2 pounds. But the up side did find a place with a phone battery that fit. we just don't need to give much mind that city center here in hounslow probalby had one too. It was a beautiful train ride, the 3 minutes the body was awake.

But the real amazing thing was. The sun came out. Literally. and the emotions did too. There came a moment of acceptance. It's easy to accept something when you finally see home, and it's no longer raining and windy.

So here to clearing up weather and being grateful even during the storm.

Blessings and love and balanced emotions,


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