Wednesday, 30 April 2008

lovely day

Hey There! Hi there! Ho there!

Am in UK again, still, however you want to look at it.

Oh got a cell phone with a phone plan, so will not be paying $60 any more for a month of calls.

Also found out skype is free for everyone to just get a name so i can talk to them. And i upgraded so i call call the peeps in US! can i get a what what!!! oh and even more super they can call me on a US # and it will ring to my computers skype. Still have to get a headset to talk, but that too is coming. in fact....hummm....i'll have to try my cell phone speaker thing.

am headed to germany in may. Meeting up with some friends which should be cool.

But the most exciting thing........yesterday i got a piece of mail from my pen pal. she's the brilliant, wonderful, beautiful young lady i used to nanny back in the day. the heart just expanded and melted with joy at the same time.

Beautiful days to all!

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