Saturday, 26 July 2008

ahh learning and letting go!!!

So can feel the universe shifting in regards to this flight attendant job.

So amazing day!! Basic Pranic Healing review! Was able to be the volunteer for the general sweeping( cleaning of the aura and health rays). When he got to the basic it felt light a big know was just comb out!! So so so so so so grateful!

So much cleanness!!!

Also have a trip to DC tomorow so should be able to call and get ahold of a couple friends.

the relationship with ashley seems to be fading away ever so easily. we don't talk about travel and trips and haven't any plans. So he sends this email saying email him to let him know when i will be calling on skype. and the thought comes....why call you? what would we talk about?.... this is not meant to sound rude or cold, it is what it is. a natural progression of evolution and change. thank you thank you

This chickas plans are india next month, italy in oct, and back to india in dec

so will be getting a secondary income come sept.

life does support me, as long as i let it.

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