Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Flower Power

Soooo Humm!!!!!

haven't really had to think or "worry" about finances in a while.

then today realized this course want to take over here is, well, in pounds and for the past 3 months have been getting over the credit limit fees on my cc, which has such a low balance anyway, but too high to pay off. the fees are 39 each month, times three, minus my 20 dollar monthly payment and we're looking at a forth month of this. and the silly thing is. didn't even notice it, because they didn't charge me what i was over, still just charged the minimum. ohhh silly sam for not just waiting to buy whatever you bought or just wait to go on that trip, whatever trip it was, whenever it was. because....well....

here's the cool part. flowers essenses came today. well actually days ago, but today was able to pick them up. it was amazing just the walk home kept thanking them and tuning into them and the bodys energy levels went up! got home and the physical body still looked stoned, from lack of regular sleep. took a flower ess bath, and flower water, and can you say Flower Power!!!! So grateful, have actually been productive today. Even went for a run and did laundry.

ohh...and the emotional body totally did not freak out when realized the whole financial situation. and thanks to the way the flower company works, was paying "cash" anyway.

Amazing!!! Oh, and did wait till after had birthday money to actually get the essences.

Light love blessings peace and joy!

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