Tuesday, 1 July 2008

back to giving and receiving

For it is in giving that we receive works in every aspect of life!

Yeah...so this might be like a duhhh moment, but really it hit me right on the head just now.

Was just reading this article by some pychologist( i thought i would just be taking some friendship test). But she starts by talking about a balanced relationship she has and then the Greek mythology story of Narcissist-Echo. Narcissist who lu lu lu love himself and Echo who repeated everything Narcissist said about himself. Ohh! In the end Narcissist became so obsessed with himself, when "crazy" and put a dagger in his heart. Echo was left haunting some canyons randomly repeating what passerbys had to say. So the storys over and she is relateing this to friendships, when what seemed like out of the blue she says,"I'm haunted by the fact that I never had this conversation with a college buddy who years later committed suicide. Maybe I could have helped by insisting she learn to receive as well as give. " She was referring to an Echo... which is almost neither here nore there, in whichever case... do i think such a sitution is just that simple...not likely, but what really woke me up was..." For it is in Giving that we Receive".

All relationships; money, friendships, partners, clerks at the groccer... are that. A give and receive. Money...always know to tithe...give first, then receive. And it works everytime! Friendships, partners...i guese that's what has gone on, but never really thought to consciously give in the way they know to receive. Only recently have i started to be conscious of receiving in certain areas and from certain relationships. And today it really hits home, a lot of those relationships probably are just learning that too.

Money and elements are basically more simple, they are more naturally in flow with the lawas of nature( this is a belief. and i like it) While humans(not to say they are not made up of elements) don't act as simply. They have thoughts and can make consious decisions. And give and receive in different ways( referring to personality types as well as love languages).

Now here i am just learning receive in all sorts of great aspects of my life, but really need to still constantly, consciously remember to give. And as i give, i will more and more be able to receive and learn about receiving for myself and others.

Something like that.



Joy and Peace!

So be it!

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