Tuesday, 5 August 2008

land and home record

land to home in one hour!! fantastic! that has to be some sort of record. from land...to taxi...to deplane...to wait for a wheelchair...to crew bus...to walk to tube...to tube ride...to walk home(and topped up my oyster card)...all in 1 hr.

what else....

there was something else, but loging on to the blog page was distracted by babys. and we'll just leave it at that.

oh!! do remember what was going to say! got home, had no idea what time it was, so may have been talking to myself. or what i like to call processing my thoughts outloud. and turns out my roomate is still home. oh!!! something else funny. wasn't sure what time it is, right? so have already stripped down out of the uniform and start to head downstairs, when the thought comes, danny may still be home, so quickly just threw on a half wrap. and since danny is home, it's a good thing i didn't just start walking around the house naked as usual.

that's all for now.

love and blessings!!

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