Thursday, 21 August 2008


two words jason mraz

yeah..that's right

but really the other thing going through this mind.

so often have this thought, am i really supposed to find a man, get married(or something), and have babes. or...isn't there some other way to be of great service for the world. but then when the reality check's like, what is personality attracted to? what does it keep going back to? and it's this great boy meets girl love creation. and it's amazing! and almost could be a bit of spiritual pride to think that direction and purpose in life would be any way less amazing than be some mother theresa. this is not to say the thought was to be a mother theresa, it's just saying everything has it's place, time, and purpose, and they are all right and true for them where they are. and it's all so divine and magical. and bless em all.

the only other thing was the idea of destiny vs. free will... and it's not one or the other and to get into it gets to into the relativity of duality in life. or something like that. but the point is... it is what it is.

God bless reason. Thy Will Be Done. It's all Divine Will ohh that I may consciously follow that always. Yes Lord. Thank you Lord!

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