Thursday, 11 December 2008

ॐ मणि पद्म हम

so set it to basic html because otherwise somehow set it up to translate into hindi. which was great for that moment, but now can't seem to take it off. am cooking mung beans and the body slept for about 12 hr. the only reason woke up was has to go to bathroom.
almost think with this whole body needing so much sleep just to rebalance would be more motivated to get other projects off the ground. it's okay. am not going to be hard on self. will still meditate and get things done today. will go to bed early and be up early and do whole routine early.
wow...just realized haven't even showered yet.

india was so amazing and maybe because was ready for it, has so much more clarity. soo nice. now it's about putting things into action.
just drank some hot choc, was really good temp, but now the after taste is just not great. am looking forward for the lentils to get done. rice and veg are ready.

did clean and get things organized a bit this morning. woke up and good feel the clutter. a true reflection of my mind this morning. was glad could focus enough to just do it.

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