Sunday, 21 December 2008

joan of arcadia show

so have continued to watch the show Joan of Arcadia on you tube. and read a couple related links to other shows the producer may be affiliated with. one i do remember watching but it went off the air, then back on again on a different night, but by that time it was not of interest to me. the show was only on for 2 seasons but there was a site created just to save the show. they talk about the show as one that represents hope and in a media of sex and violence it reflected as a beacon of light. no wonder i found it so nice and quite on the opposite end of other shows had been into lately.
funny all the interconnectedness of life.
this shows helps keep that in my attention as well as attention on the Divine.
life is amazing!
Thank You Lord!
peace light love and blessings
ohhh and just another note. so the website set up to "save" joan of arcadia from being completely canceled, is now up for sale.

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