Sunday, 18 January 2009

sunny days

am quite excited!!! got my scedule for feb...and am pretty sure got basically my #2 pick. love being based in london and having some seniority for bidding. don't know how it will be in vegas. even talked to my sister today about moving back. the conversation went well and totally lightened my attitude on a couple points i was having issues with. it will be good to continue develope our relationship. man...that sounds so offical like. she's my sister and friend.

anyways...about my schedule....basically already have mid too end feb planned, but have off basically/probably from the 9th(or sooner) of the month to the end of feb, plus maybe couple days in march off. no flying means lot less money, but also means travel and seeing friends and taking care of business!!

like this job, but love idea of going some place sunny.

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