Saturday, 31 January 2009

a glacier always looks smaller and more magnificently beautiful from the airplane

so am getting closer to not feeling paranoid about missing a call. woke up at 345am and decided it best to not go right back to bed, for what if they tried to call and the phones didn't work again.

the whole someone did pickup. some european man, with loud music and a dog in the background, and supposely he banged super hard on my door. sounds like a bad dream to me. talked to the crew lady who made the phone call and she was more just glad that i was okay. she said when that happened she was concerned for me. so we are almost at a closer for the situation, though i did wake up deciding to change servers. human error in calling is one thing, but have multiple wrong person pick up....not okay.

so aside from strangeness and yesterdays freek out, it's still way early, but all is well. it always was, just don't try telling me that when in freek out mode. had family with danny's fam last night and celebrated his sisters bday. it was really really nice. so glad had an attitude checkup by then.

well light love and blessings peace and joy and abundance

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