Friday, 30 January 2009


so just first website page together. and for those who know what a time it was just to get this blog going, the idea of a whole website may seem like a ,"really?" kind of thought. it's true, though, of course with the help of a friend who has put together about a dozen websites. this person prides themselves on their keen idea and simple and clean websites. this person also got a bit confused about me not noticing they had lost 45 pounds. this second point is added because when he finally asked me if i had noticed all the loss of body weight, had to honestly say, "ummm.... really didn't."and then decided to recongnize have never really noticed how other websites look like. am trying to be more attentive now, but it's more am mostly at the point, can tell if i like it or not. am working on the details. the what parts and aspects like and don't. the balance of each page, the ease in getting from page to page. the colors and pics used. it's all quite an interesting new adventure.

blessings and smiles

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