Friday, 30 January 2009

writting it out......

it is what it is, but ohhh my goodness!

really? can't imagine am the one person who gets this over and over. but today is especially rough. went to bed with headache, woke up with head pounding 8 hours of sleep later. and body still soooo super tired. fatigue tired, not just the eyes don't want to wake up(which they don't), but the mind and bodies are just soooo out of it. vitamins, herbs, water, coffee, tea, food, going back to rest the body, meditating, exercising, getting fresh air....done it all. not at the same time. then last night, said to self....just go to sleep all natural. no meletonin, no herbs or vitamins.

totally believe in the bodies natural ability to heal itself and natural consciousness of balance for the physiology. and yes also, obviously, believe in helping and supporting that natural tendancy, but when one way doesn't work and things need to happen and just aren't, one trys something else.

this may not make complete sence, just needed to get something done. write something. something that doesn't need to make sence. just write it out.

what would happen if i wrote just the opposite. about my super energized balanced healthy clear mind bodys. could it be created just with the words? so much energy. so much clarity. so much balance and peace. am feeling better and more and more clear at every moment. the light is shining in and my bodys are responding with greater and greater amounts of energy. so bright! so shiney! sooo lovely!

yeah... if we are writting anyways, and whatever it is. it is what it is. lets write of the brightness the light and the joy. lets write out the balance and the peace and the sweetness.

or something like that.

blessings and peace always.

so be it.

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