Thursday, 15 January 2009

child development and stuff

so realized today that call myself sammy d. was looking in the mirror today and was saying something about myself and called myself sammy d. and realized that's what i call myself. strange, but anyways...
the real topic on mind is children.
and i've come to realize i really haven't given much thought to discipining my children. like, what do i do if they write all over the walls? how can i prevent things like that from happening? children are children and all sorts of unexpected things are going to happen. and then what about when they become teenagers. some may make the argument that "you were a teenager not too long ago yourself". yes, but i wasn't what would maybe be deeemed the average teenager. i meditated, played sports, and watched tv, and went to the movies on the weekend. no party's, never wanted to. no boyfriends, never had a big interest or the selfesteem.
maybe i'll just raise my kids to listen and play with bright music, it totally helped form my thoughts on good character.
so yeah...have been looking at these child development books, non yet what am looking for, but some basically just go into how to raise your child, not speaking so much of a childs natural cycle of growth. they seem to be all about how we form a child to the way we think they should be formed. am still looking for a book that simple tells of the natural cycle of childhood development and us working with that to further develope. because to me, children are so naturally in tune w/ themselves(speaking/thinking from looking at the very young).
ohh how much this chicka has to learn.
am excited about this learning process.
light love and blessings

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