Friday, 16 January 2009

yeah...that's right!

so totally had the great reality check today," who cares what other people think of your plans. do em. they are your thing. and your doing for your reason. let people think what they will."

the thing is, have been a bit iffy about moving back to US. specifically back to parents pad. this is for multiple reasons, but one was the whole "their thoughts about samantha's plans". ideas of getting pychic attacts and people being like "ohhh that samantha just doing her samantha thing again."

That's Right! is what i have to say to that! who cares what thoughts you might project at me. this is the life i have chosen to live and am excited about it! say you support me or not, what i am doing i feel excited and dare i say it "passionate" about! Just watch me not give into your "another one of samantha's things" thought forms! Watch this be done and be supported by the Universe! That's right! that's right!

Samantha is moving back to US. and is moving into a living arangement that works for her, with her routine. and she'll feed the hungry and go back take computer classes and grant writting classes and work with children. yeah!

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